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Murder at the Masonic Lodge

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Valuable member of the Masonic Lodge in Belgrade was murdered. Police investigated the crime scene but they couldn’t discover a lot of information about this mysterious murder. You are a team of detectives that have a chance to research the crime scene one more time, and discover who is the killer, before the secret society cover-up all information.


– Full list of items that you need to buy for creating the Murder at Masonic Lodge Escape Room, with links for the items needed, and help with alternatives if you can’t find them.
– Detailed walk-through of the game, video tutorial of every single game in the room (what items are used for the every single game, how does the game work, etc)
– Training of you and your employees how to be Game Masters of escape room, where to pay attention, etc.
– Proven marketing techniques that will help get new customers.
– Full support to get your escape room up and running.
*Purchase with Dracula’s Chambers and save $500*


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